Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 20


This remedy is derived from a fungus called as Lycoperdon bovista.


It is useful to overcome stammering in children.


It is useful for persons who are clumsy and keep dropping things.


It is useful to treat Urticaria (Hives) that comes on whenever the patient is excited.


It is useful in Dermographia (a condition, where blunt instruments leave a great impression in the skin).


It is useful in treating Herpetic eruptions.

Bovista is the remedy of choice to antidote coal tar applications.

It is useful in acne arising due to the over use of cosmetics.

It is useful for intolerable itching in the tip of the tailbone.

It is useful even in certain forms of eczemas.


Looseness of bowels before or during menstrual period: BOVISTA.

Dr. William R. Powell.

BOVISTA antidotes effects of local applications of tar; suffocation from gas.

Dr. H.C. Allen, M.D.


I find this remedy useful in some cases of Urticaria. It is also useful in some cases of Psoriasis, where coal tar based ointments have been used. I do not have much experience in eczemas. It is said to be very useful in Herpetic infections.


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