The human body is actually an “energy being” living in an ocean of vibrating frequency. If our resonance is harmonious we are healthy and if our frequencies are dissonant we become diseased. The good thing is that we can re-pattern our vibrations and gain happiness from within, access our inner strength and handle life’s challenges.

How is re-patterning done?

The model of Holographic Re-patterning is based on a hologram, and upon the fact that we ourselves are holograms. A hologram is a three-dimensional image that you can walk around, that looks completely real, but is made of frequencies of light.  Modern physics has found that it is likely that the human brain, the whole human system, and in fact the whole of creation is just a hologram.  It is made of frequencies and it looks real, but it is not.  Even this physical body which seems so concrete is actually a field of energy frequencies.  If we are a hologram as the physicists propose, we are an infinite field of frequencies, and within our system everything is stored, all knowledge, all wisdom, the divine, all history of evolution is stored in the hologram that we are.

A Resonance Re-patterning session accesses this information through applied Kinesiology. The body is a map of your life’s experiences.  A session identifies unconscious issues that are blocking and depleting your life energy.  Pain is a disruption or blockage of your life energy. In the course of a session, self-healing modalities release and restore the body-mind field so that there is greater resonance with your positive intentions.

Benefits of Holographic re-patterning:

With the help of a trained guide the subject is made to identify old habit patterns through Applied Kinesiology and the subject is made to form new pathways and this naturally heals the subject. Most subjects report seeing benefits in their health after the very first session.


Most subjects, who feel stuck in their life in the physical, emotional or mental field experience a great sense of freedom and confidence after a few sessions this therapy