Homeopathic Kit – Part 27.




Mother Tinctures are alcoholic extracts of the crude Medicinal substances (usually herbal extracts mixed with alcohol).  Most of the Mother tinctures used in Homeopathy are from the flora and fauna of the various places in the world.  

The Mother tinctures are designated as Q; for example Calendula Mother tincture is referred to as Calendula Q.  Mother tinctures are used both externally and internally.  They may be mixed in a gel or ointment base and also can be used with a simple syrup base to make it palatable for internal administration. Some Mother tinctures are also used in Homeopathic injections.

I have attempted to classify a few of the mother tinctures in the order of their clinical efficacy and not in the alphabetical order.

 Wounds and Boils:

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 1) Calendula Officinalis Q.  This Mother tincture is useful for all wounds, especially those that heal with secondary intention. When this mother tincture is used in an ointment base, it is very useful for burns, sores, fissures and abrasions of the skin.  It has also been tried as an injection in cases of Leucorrhoea.

 2) Berberis Aquefolium Q.  This Mother tincture is used with Calendula Q and Echinacea Q for Pimples, dry eczema and eruptions on the scalp, extending to the face and the neck.  It is usually in an ointment base.

 3) Echinacea Q.  This Mother tincture is useful in an ointment base for curing recurrent boils, carbuncles and insect bites.  A dilute solution of this Mother tincture is also useful in aphthous ulcers of the mouth.


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4) Cantharis Q.

 This Mother tincture is very useful burns and scalds, when used locally.  It reduces the pain and smarting of the burn and reduces the post-burn inflammation. This Mother tincture is also useful in eczema of the scrotum and the genitals after excessive perspiration. Please note that these remedies should not be used in large surface area burns.



 5) Aesculus Hippocastanum Q. 

This Mother tincture is very useful as a local ointment in hemorrhoids, where the rectum feels as if it is full of sticks and the anus is raw and sore.  It is also useful in anal itching due to worm infestation.



 6) Plantago Q. 

This Mother tincture is extremely useful in reducing the pain of a toothache, due to dental caries.  It is useful in deadening the exposed root of the tooth and helps the patient to even delay the Root canal treatment.

 Hair Loss:


 7) Jaborandi Q.  This mother tincture is useful in Alopecia aerata and certain stress related or post-infection related hair loss.  The mother tincture may be applied directly over the scalp (and diluted, if there is smarting over the scalp) or can be mixed with oil and applied as hair oil for the scalp.

 Type II or Non-insulin dependent Diabetes Mellitus:

 8) Syzygium Jambolanum Q and Gymnema sylvestre Q.

 These two mother tinctures are useful in Type II Diabetes Mellitus and may reduce the sugar levels.  However, they should be tried only in Mild Type II diabetics and should be used as adjuncts to the main line therapy.  They may be given in one glass of water with 5 to 10 drops of the mother tincture mixed in them, twice daily.

 Sleep inducers:


 9) Ashwagandha Q, Damiana Q & Passiflora incarnata Q.

 These three mother tinctures used 10 drops each in a glass of water and if sipped a few times every 15 minutes before sleep and useful in quelling restlessness and are very useful in Insomnia of any cause.  They are also useful having a quieting effect on the Central Nervous System in Alcoholics.

 A Homeopathic tonic:


 10) Alfaalfa Q.  This mother tincture favorably influences nutrition of children and adults, improves the appetite and vigor and promotes weight gain in children.


Mother tinctures in Homeopathy are another interesting dimension of this Alternative therapy.  There are many Indian Mother tinctures that have been researched and marketed.  




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