Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 122.


This remedy is derived form Cyanide of Mercury.


It is a useful remedy in acute infections, pneumonia and nephritis.


It is also very useful in Diphtheria.

It is useful when the throat feels raw and sore and the hoarseness is worse while talking and the throat is painful.  It is also useful in the necrotic destruction of the soft palate and the fauces.


It is useful when there is redness around the anus, and there are black stools.

It is useful in Nephritis with great debility and chilliness.


 As a preventive of Diphtheria, MERC CYANATUS ranks high, perhaps equaling, if not exceeding; DIPHTHERINUM when given in the 30x, or C C potencies.  Hering quotes from Allef. Hom Zgt-vol – 88: page 92 thus: “If the remedy is given in the stage of invasion, i.e. before exudation is deposited it will not appear at all; as a prophylactic, it is equally effective.  Paralysis and other diseases have not been observed after the use of this drug.  Several Physicians have never seen any results from it because they give the 2nd and 3rd triturition or dilution, which is much too strong, or rather, not sufficiently developed.”  I have had the opportunity of confirming the above, both curatively as a preventive.

Dr. A Pulford, M.D.

 Bad effects of Diphtheria Antitoxin – these also remove the germs from the throat of carriers DIPHTHERINUM, MERC.CYANATUS.

Calcutta Hom. Med. College Mag.

Diphtheria or any other disease, beginning with collapse, dry skin, not sweating, is a most serious type of disease to meet. MERC CYANATUS will give a wonderful result.

Dr. Boger, M.D.