Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 187.


It is a Nosode from the Tubercular Abscess.

It is considered to be a brilliant drug for chronic cystitis.

It is of great value in treating incipient Tuberculosis

It is suited to light complexioned, narrow chested subjects.

It is suited to lax fibered individual with low recuperative powers, who are susceptible to weather changes.

Such individuals are always tired. The least motion causes intense fatigue. There is an aversion to work and the individual desires constant change.

This remedy is also useful, when symptoms constantly and when well selected homeopathic remedies fail to improve and when patients catch a cold with the slightest exposure to cold weather.

It is useful in children with diarrhoea, which runs on for weeks associated with extreme wasting.

It is useful in mentally retarded children.

It is useful in enlarged tonsils

It is useful in mania associated with melancholia, where the patient has a fear of dogs and has a desire to curse, swear and use foul language.

It is useful in intense neuralgias, where the pain is like an intense band round the head.

It is a very useful remedy for offensive otorrhoea, with eardrum perforation.

It is useful in patients who have early morning diarrhoea who are averse to meat and have a desire for cold milk.

It is useful in females who have benign mammary tumours, dysmenorrhoea and where menses are long lasting and early.

It is useful in Bronco-pneumonia where there profuse sweating and loss of weight and rales over the chest.

It is a useful remedy in chronic eczema where there is intense itching in the skin lesions in the night. It is useful in some case of Psoriasis.

It is useful in patients whose sleep in poor, who wake up easily with distressing and vivid dreams.

It is useful in remittent type of fever with profuse sweating and great chilliness.

This remedy suits persons who are worse from motion, music, before a storm, standing, and dampness and after sleep.

It also suits persons who are better in the open air.

Complementary remedies are Calcarea, Bryonia and China.


TUBERCULINUM in high potency is useful in cases of amenorrhoea.

Dr. Ghosh. M.D.

Think of TUBERCULINUM in children who take cold easily even though the X ray of the chest and physical signs are negative for TUBERCULOSIS. Many pre-tubercular patients have been restored to health with this remedy.

Dr. Robert L. Wood. M.D.

For excessively obstinate children, TUBERCULINUM is very useful.

Dr. Foubister.

In all SULPHUR cases with hay fever, you need a Nosode and it is usually PSORINUM OR TUBERCULINUM. If you give TUBERCULINUM, the patient may be able to stand the feather afterwards.

Dr. Edward.  C. Whitmont.  M.D.

When convalescing from Measles, suddenly losing flesh, high temperature, drenching sweat, prostration: TUBERCULINUM

Homeopathic Bulletin.

TUBERCULINUM 200 should be used in all cases of ill effects of hair dyes when SULPHUR fails.

Dr. R.B. Das.

TUBERCULINUM is practically specific for allergy against milk.

Dr. E.W. Hubbard. M.D.